Welcome to Enliven

Enliven is helping people with disability to discover housing options that give them the freedom to live their lives the way they choose

Our Vision

We believe the housing pathways for people with disability should allow the same choices and control; the same opportunities for social connection, skills development and financial benefit as enjoyed by the broader community.

So we work with people with disability and their carers, guardians, advocates, planners and support networks to understand their needs and identify approaches that will ensure that their pathway [or journey] is consistent with broader community standards, and their outcomes reflect their needs and wants.

We are creating a culture where knowledge is power and freedom of lifestyle is a right, not a privilege.

"We all deserve to live how we choose, where we choose"

Tino and Faye - The Enliven Community Team
We’re with you every step of the way to create the lifestyle you want.

Our Mission

Enliven is on a mission to change the way people with disability think about their
housing options. We provide independent housing advice for people with disability to support independent and informed choices – so people with disability are informed consumers when it comes to their housing options.

We know that giving people information to make informed choices achieves better outcomes than just telling someone how to find a house – people will be able to choose the housing that best meets their goals and lifestyle choices.